Friday, 1 October 2010

MS Excel flag challenge

I came across to this challenge on Chandoo’s website.

“The flag project is very simple. Just take your country flag and make it using only Excel Charts.”  - Chandoo.

So, here(jpeg) and here(xlsx) is my version of Uzbekistan flag made using MS Excel 2007. The colours and size are from the flag that is displayed at Wikipedia. I used PS CS3 to get RGB values. The flag is made up from four overlapping charts:
1. Blue, white, green stripes - bar chart
2. Red stripes – bar chart
3. Moon crescent – scatter chart
4. 12 stars – scatter chart
More information about Uzbekistan flag can be found here.


  1. do you think i can do the same or should i be a master's graduate in IT.:)

  2. Try to do some other flag of your choice, certainly it is a good fun and it will help to sharpen up your Excel skills!

    And no, I don't see any relation between having an MSc degree and doing fun stuff with Excel. :)